Monday, March 7, 2011

Project Flickr : Week 9 - Alphabet.

This week's challenge was all about finding the shapes of letters in everyday objects around us.  The first thing that sprang into my mind was to use a wheel or tyre as the letter O.  But since it came so readily to my mind, I felt sure it would have to others as well - so I set myself thinking about other letters, and this got my mind working.

I thought of a step ladder - the kind that tradies use, with a brace across the middle - as the letter A.  I found this one being used to stock shelves in a clothing store one lunchtime.  I bit the bullet and went in and asked the assistant "if she'd mind me taking a picture of her step ladder" ?  After a few strange looks, and then understanding after I explained the reason for my madness - she was very pleased to help me out.  It caused a bit of amusement in the store, so I just grabbed a couple of quick shots and beat a hasty and embarrassed retreat.

My son has bracelet that was laying around, that made a nice C, but the challenge for me was to get a background or surface that did it justice.  After trying the kitchen workbench, and a plain sheet of white paper, both of which were pretty 'meh!', I tried the black glass surface of the hob.  With careful placement to avoid the actual cooking rings, and the reflection of the tiles behind, I was quite pleased with this shot, and the way the edge of the bracelet picked up the flash and contrasts with the dark glass.  With hindsight, I think I should have put a sheet of white paper on the wall behind - if you look carefully, you can just see the out of focus reflection of the joint between two tiles.

If only I could find something to make a B, I could post ABC.  After seeing sunglasses on a display stand, I figured that a nice pair of 'Aviators' would do the trick, but found these 3D cinema glasses knocking around at home, which were a reasonable second best... plus the arms on them were stiff enough that I could stand them on their side to get the shot without having to rotate the whole photo (and have them looking like they were stuck to a wall).  Once again - a little more care was needed with the background (though in my defense, most of the set up shots were done late at night after everyone else had gone to bed).  I have a couple of 'post-it' type flip-charts, so I can stick sheets together to make 'seamless' backdrops - except - you can see the seamless seam in this one :(

After getting A, B, and C, I was quite excited to try and find more letters - I already had Q, which I was quite pleased with (it was the clip on a rope barrier in a shopping mall).  I decided that although technically, I am only supposed to put three shots in per week - I had combined A, B, and C into 1 shot, and had already posted the Q, so I still had one shot left.  I'd try and nail the whole alphabet for my last shot.  Some of the letters came easy, but some - G and R in particular, gave me a lot of headaches.  Near the end of the week, I had found the G (a 'G'-clamp in my garage), but had no ideas on R, and still had a lot of ideas for other letters that were still just that - ideas - that hadn't been photographed, so I posted the G as my third image.

Then - I found an R (also in my garage - the handle of a mastic gun), and I decided a concerted effort was needed.  One final push to put those ideas into action.  By 11pm on Sunday evening, I had finally got them all together and composed into a single image - which I posted to the project even though it was my 4th picture. The admins of the group very graciously allowed it to stay - I don't know if anyone else took the same project on privately, but nobody else published an entire alphabet - though one guy did do 'Project Flickr' all in one shot - which was very good.

So here it is... my complete alphabet.

A - Step ladder
B - 3D glasses
C - Bracelet
D - Tape measure
E - Fancy brickwork
F - Railings that stop in mid-air
G - G-Clamp
H - Electrical connector
I - Grommit
J - Air conditioner ducting
K - Drain grate
L - Laptop
M - Arched windows
N - Roof trusses at station
O - A loo roll
P - Golf club
Q - Rope barrier clip
R - Mastic gun handle
S - Curly carving on a building
T - Stained glass window frame
U - Carving fork
V - Serving tongs
W - Church roofline
X - Tap on kitchen sink
Y - Garden fork handle
Z - Internal bracing on garage door

Project Flickr : Week 9 - Alphabet - The Full Monty!

Now for a lay down...
TTFN and Happy Snappin'

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