Monday, February 28, 2011

Project Flick : Weeks 7 & 8 - Drink & Streets/Roads

Week 7 of the Project - "Drink"
I won't say that enthusiasm is waning, but now that I'm back at work, and most weekends are taken up with jobs around the house or in the garden, it is getting more difficult to try and keep up with a new theme each week... I don't know how those that do 365 projects keep going - though I suppose they don't have a new theme every day, but still it must be tiresome trying to think of something new to photograph every day...

So, just the one picture this week.  Out in Hyde Park again - I was actually waiting to meet one of my Flickr/DPS friends for lunch, and decided to watch the seagulls around the Pool of Reflection.  For some reason, there were dozens of them in and around the pool, which is quite unusual.  Many of those in the pool were splashing water about while they bathed, but I caught this one taking a drink  while he was at it...  I guess chlorinated water makes a change from salt water.

Project Flickr : Week 7 - Drink
(Trying a new method of just linking direct to the picture on flickr, rather than uploading it from my PC to the blog - mainly because I realised that I have deleted week 8's photo from both the camera and my PC, so it now only exists on flickr.  Well waddya know? It works! :D)

Week 8 - "Streets/Roads"
A quick 7 hour drive from Sydney, there is a town called Nyngan.  2 hours and 200km north west from there is a town called Bourke.  That 200km is covered by a dead straight road called the Mitchell Highway.  Described as one of the straightest flattest highways in the world ( apart from a little jink for a town in the middle of the route.  I would love to a) drive that road, and b) photograph it.  It would have been ideal for this weeks theme, but sadly, I don't have a spare 18 hours to complete the round trip.

So I got to thinking about what I could photograph, that hadn't been done already, and I thought about street and road as roadnames.  As I was driving over to the next suburb, where they have brand new street signs being installed, I started looking at the signs at various junctions, and came across this one for Albert Street and Belmore Road.  Not only was there a Street AND a Road, but they were A and B too, so I parked the car (in Albert Street) and wandered around the signpost to try and find the best view.  Unfortunately, the best view would have been from somebody's front garden, so I had to make do with this shot.

Project Flickr : Week 8 - Streets/Roads

I was too close and looking up at more of an angle than I wanted to really, but I think it works well in the end.  There was also a thick power cable strung across right behind the sign from that angle, so I had to do a little disguising work with Photoshop to get rid of that.

Well, week 9 is all about finding letters of the alphabet in everyday shapes around us.  I have a few ideas, but I'll keep them to myself until the weekend and I get a chance to do something about them.

TTFN and Happy Snappin'

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