Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dabbling at dawn (or about 30 mins later)

Woke up this morning to a light mist in the park, which actually got a little thicker as the sun came up, rather than sliding away to the pond as it usually does. As the sun cleared the trees and started to shine down into the park, through the mist - I just couldn't resist going out and trying to get a shot.  This first shot kind of reflects what I 'saw' - not that impressive, but the potential was there.

I changed my viewpoint slightly to ensure the sunlight came through the branches of the tree, and exposed for the blue sky which was round to my left, in order to under-expose the misty area and throw the tree into more of a silhouette.

I liked the way the sunburst and beams came through the tree, and also the reflections on the bush at the right of the frame.  The sunburst was also surrounded by a rainbow coloured halo - though you can't see it very well at this size

I tried another viewpoint to try and get the sun shining through the leaves, which gave a nice sunburst, but afterwards, I realised that the telegraph pole was right in the middle of the picture.

Then I checked the previous photos, and saw the pole was in those as well - but not so badly that a little Photoshop time couldn't sort it out.

I went back to the original viewpoint and moved around a bit to get the sun in the leaves (without the pole this time), and this shot gave a really nice sunburst, so then I cropped in to get this one.  So, today I have a new set of wallpapers on my screens at work :D

Hope you enjoy seeing them,
Happy Snappin'


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