Monday, March 14, 2011

Project Flickr : Week 10 - Emergency Vehicles

Working just around the corner from Sydney's central Fire Station, I thought this assignment would be a breeze, but Sod's Law prevailed, and there was very little activity during my lunch breaks (when I lurked on street corners just waiting for an opportunity to snap a fire truck careening around a corner, heeling over to one side with the weight of water in the back).

Instead, I had to console myself with more passive shots... The Fire Chiefs and support crews have normal saloon cars and SUVs that they get around the city in, and these are often parked in a row outside the fire station.

Project Flickr : Week 10 - Emergency Vehicles #2

Another day, while I was lurking to take pictures, this Fire Engine came out of the station and then stopped (they weren't on an emergency call), and I was able to get the shot below, a detail of the lights on the front.
Project Flickr : Week 10 - Emergency Vehicles #1

I was always in the wrong place whenever I heard sirens going, but I did manage to get a shot of an Ambulance just ambling by, patrolling and waiting for its next 'shout', though this one never made it to the Project Flickr postings.

Finally, in order to complete my hat-trick of the three services, I needed a Police vehicle, and found a string of four AFP (Australian Federal Police) cars all parked together.  Unfortunately, the second car in the string pulled away just as I approached, but two together still made a nice shot, and I took a whole bunch from various points.  I only had one more shot to enter in the project, so I amalgamated a couple of shots of the cars, with a close up if the AFP badge on the bonnet (hood) of one of them, and submitted that.
Project Flickr : Week 10 - Emergency Vehicles #3

This week's assignment is 'Home'... not sure what I'm going to do yet - need to put the thinking cap on.  I'm also working on another project that requires pictures of a humble fork (the kind you eat with) - how on earth do you make a fork look exciting?  Watch this space ;-)  LOL

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