Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New this, new that... plus weeks 11 and 12

Haven't done much photography in the last week or two, but I do have a couple from the Project Flickr folder for you.

This weekend is my 50th birthday (the real one, as opposed to the pretend one last year when I got given the camera), so I'm putting half a century behind me and moving forward into a new one.  I'm also starting a new job on Monday, which will hopefully see me get the opportunity to take the camera to some new locations - the job will involve a certain amount of travel, or so I was told at the interviews.  The job is away from Sydney - so although I hope I will have just as many different photographic opportunities, you'll not see many more Opera House, Harbour Bridge, or city shots from me.

The change of job also means I'll possibly be without access to a PC or internet for a short while, so you may not see any posts from me at all for a few weeks, but I'll try and make up for it when I get back online.

So week 11's Project Flickr theme was "Home".  Now, I regularly pass a homeless guy that sleeps in a doorway on my way to work.  He's never asked for money, and always smiles and gives you a good morning, and his smile gets bigger if anyone takes the trouble to return the favour.  I don't know what his story is, but his plight decided my photo for the week - and I gave it the caption "Home - not everyone is so lucky as to have one".  I had actually hoped to get a picture of him, but shortly before, he vanished and somebody else turned up in his doorway - so I had to make do with a photo of him instead.  I'm happy to say that my guy turned up again a few days later, so nothing bad had happened to him, but now, after tomorrow, I'll probably never see him again.
Project Flickr : Week 11 - Home

Week 12 was "Time".  There was obviously going to be plenty of clocks and other timepieces, so I wanted to try and think of a visual play on words involving time.  My good friend Steve in NZ beat me to the punch with 'Time Flies' and a little travel alarm clock with some angel wings hanging from a tree (nice one Steve), and I ended up settling on 'Time is a great healer'.  I figured on a subtle placement of my watch amongst the items from a first aid kit - but most of the arrangements I came up with were TOO subtle, and the watch was lost amongst the other items, or the watch face was at the wrong angle.  Eventually, I came up with this somewhat less than subtle layout.  It works, but I'm sure I could do better (but the race was on before Steve or anyone else could pip me to the post).
Project Flickr : Week 12 - Time...
I thought about a picture of a lot of watches on display in a jeweller's shop, and calling it 'plenty of time', but now, I'm out of time - I have to give this PC back to my old company tomorrow, and I don't know how long it will be before I get a new one, or if I'll be able to use it for recreational purposes (like using it as a frisbee... or an extra weight on my dive belt? :-o)

So - this is a temporary, but hopefully not too long, farewell...
Until next time,
Happy Snappin'

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