Saturday, January 22, 2011

Project Flickr : Weeks 2 & 3 - My favourite gift & Food

As expected - going back to work has meant much less photography time for me.

Week 2's assignment was "My favourite gift".  Being straight after Christmas, there was a number of cameras, lenses, iPods, and such... I thought about a picture of my camera, but then started thinking back to other gifts I have received, and not just for Christmas or birthdays... suddenly, the answer was obvious - my three children.  I can't think of anything more precious.  There was no opportunity to get the three of them together for a photo before the end of the week, and so I took a photo of the photo that I carry around in my wallet.  It is fairly discoloured now, and creased, and the photo looked pretty bad, until I changed it to Black & White - then it didn't look so bad.

Week 3's assignment was "Food".  I hardly picked up the camera all week, but Tuesday was my Nephew's birthday, and today (Saturday) was my Neice's.  So I knew I had two opportunities to get some food shots this week, and today's was the winner for me.  We went to a Teppanyaki restaurant, where the food is cooked in front of you on a flat plate built into the table.  The chefs are all quite the showman, and their preparation, cooking, and serving of the food (your bowl of rice is tossed to you, and you have to catch it in another bowl) is great fun to experience (except when you end up wearing your rice).  I was taking pictures the whole time, trying to catch various aspects of the chef's skills and 'act', but in the end, it was this shot of the flaming steaks, that I went for.

Oh, and the guy on the right of the flame - he's the same guy as is on the left of the B&W picture of the children - he's grown up a bit, eh?

Wonder what next weeks challenge will be?
till next time, happy snappin,

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