Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cheap filters - update

You may remember that I bought some really cheap filters off ebay, partly as an experiment to see what sort of quality they would be, and partly because I had no spare cash, and really wanted to at least get "UV lens caps".

Well, after a month of using the UV filters, I've taken one off and returned it to it's case - probably never to be used again.  During the day it was fine, but I was getting some pretty nasty reflections on all my night-time shots (you may remember the UFOs in my 'Vision in Blue' fountain shot?).

The other UV filter seems to be behaving better at night, so it has earned a reprieve and is still attached to my 18-55 lens.  I still haven't used the polarising filter, so no comments there yet.

I'm now looking at possibly buying a cheapo x8 or x10 ND filter to get some of those long exposures on waterfalls and streams during the day, rather than having to wait for low light conditions.

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