Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vivid Sydney Opera House

Here's another shot from this weekend's "Vivid" celebration in Sydney.  The famous sails of the Sydney Opera House - normally illuminated simply with white light - make a stunning 3D screen to project images onto.  Many of the projections while I was there were moving images, and didn't look so good when caught in a 20+ second exposure, but this one was static and came out pretty well in my view.

Tecnical details...
Tripod (obviously)
Metered exposure: 30 seconds at f/10 (-1.0EV)
18-55mm zoom at 55mm (full-frame equivalent = approx 80mm)
Auto White Balance
Colour temperature - dunno, but AIR temperature was damned cold!!! ;-)

OK - I'll post a 'lesson' entry in the next day or two, explaining some of these technical terms (by the way - AIR temperature doesn't really have much to do with the photo, except that perhaps it may induce camera shake from excess shivers, or lack of photos when the battery doesn't last quite as long as you expected :-D)

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