Saturday, June 12, 2010


Went into the city this evening to see the "Vivid" Sydney celebrations, and started off on the north side of the harbour looking back to the city.  I've always wanted to get a dramatic or artsy picture of the bridge, and tonight, I think I was in the right place at just the right time (about 30 mins after sunset)...

I was especially pleased with the way the sky came out, a deep blue grading away to a lighter patch where the sun had gone down, and contrasting with the yellow/orange of the lights on the pylons.  There are still a couple of niggles - the extremely bright light bottom right, and the bluey white lights in the ferry dock at the bottom of the image.  But on the whole, I'm really quite pleased with this, and think it's probably one of my best so far.


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  2. Nice picture Mr. Grumby. Love the tone so much. Beautifull blue hour. The light from the ferry dock is a bit distracting (like you've already mentioned). :-)

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