Saturday, August 27, 2011

Where'd everyone go..? And a new blog I found.

Hoping this is just a Blogspot Blip, but I don't have any followers anymore - where are you all?  Did you really desert me?  Was it something I said, or my deodorant not working?

I just had a quick squint at the DPS tips for this weekend, and found a great video there by Scott Kelby, about using Neutral Density filters.  I love Scott's books and his sense of humour (I bought a box set of them for my daughter - then proceeded to read them all myself), and watching the video just re-inforced my opinions of him.

The link in the DPS article also mentioned something called Weekly Photo Tips.  Always on the lookout for new sources of information, I followed the link and found a very polished and jam-packed full blog run by another Scott (Scott Eccleston).  It puts mine to shame - so is obviously well worth you going to look at.  From there, I also found that he has a flickr group by the same name, so still more inspiration and help available via that route too.

OK - time for me to get up and face the day - sorry no pictures today, but hopefully, finding Scott's blog will more than make up for that.

Happy Snappin'


  1. I don't follow with Google friend connect, but I'm subscribed with Google Reader.

    Thanks for the links!

  2. There must be some kind of blogger blip, because you are still coming up on blogs that I follow. Will re-follow, and see if that helps.

    You have not been forgotten!

  3. Oh, I see that it's showing now, afterall. That's good.

  4. Hi Grumby,

    Good to see someone maintaining a dedicated blog on experiments with Nikon D3000.

    I see you've started this blog in 2000! Lemme know how is the journey with this DSLR going on?

  5. De nun mi vizitos vian blogon /taglibron/
    amikan saluton Piotr