Monday, May 30, 2011

Home from China

Hmm - I had some internet issues in China, and it meant waiting until I got home before I could post anything.  Sorry about that...

So - here are a few pictures...

First off  "Lost in translation"
I was wondering if this is the actual translation... Dentistry, or the prospect of it doesn't inspire any merriment in my mind!  Or perhaps it's the 'dental' bit that is wrong - the sign was on the side of a gymnasium after all!

Next up is "Sculptures"
They are everywhere - well in Suzhou at least.  Wherever there is some grass or a bit of parkland, there seem to be sculptures of some kind.  This was in the modern area of Suzhou Industrial Park, and so the sculptures were also modern (more traditional items, such as stone lanterns, are found in the older gardens).  

This family of straw people, or golden scarecrows, all look very merry - I wonder of they've just come from the gym, having had their teeth cleaned..? 

Finally, another sculpture from the same park (though I was assured later that rather than being a park, it was really "just the grass between the road and the lake").  I think this one (it's about 15 feet high to give you a sense of scale) is the pages from an old style  children's story book.  The books were made from bamboo, with each column of characters written onto a sliver of bamboo, and then all the slivers tied together next to each other to form the pages. 

In case you are wondering, the little sign in the bottom corner says something along the lines of  "Do not climb" (punishment may include a trip to the merry dentist).

There's more to come.  You can also check out my flickr pages, where I have posted a few different pictures.

Till next time - happy snappin'

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