Wednesday, May 18, 2011

China Trip - Ligong Di Road

This is my second day in China. After arriving late on Sunday evening and travelling to my hotel in Suzhou (pr. Soo-Joe), all I really wanted to do was sleep. The hotel is modern and comfortable, and the staff very friendly.

I'll try and fill in the gaps later, but this was one of my first photo opportunities, on my second day. Jerry who is one of my hosts, took me and Kazou (another guest visiting from Japan) to a restaurant on the Ligong Di Island at the bottom of JinJi lake. The island was man made and was originally built along with the causeway, to prevent the lake spilling into adjoining rice fields. Now the rice fields are the Suzhou Industrial Park, and the island is home to some fine restarants, night clubs, and a resort hotel.
This shrine houses one of the original road marker stones used in the causeway, and (I think) has the name of the road carved in it.


  1. Wow, what an opportunity. That's great that even though it's a business trip you still have time for photography. Looking forward to more shots!

  2. Nice shot, hope they're not keeping you too busy.