Thursday, November 25, 2010

Into the light... take 2

Same bungee trampoliney thing, but this time at my niece's school fair, so the queues weren't nearly as bad - and look - blue sky :)

I'd learned some lessons from the previous attempt (see September's posts), and with the clear blue sky, there was a definite source of light rather than just a general bright backlight.  Luckily, the sun was behind me over my left shoulder, so I wasn't having nearly so many exposure problems this time.  It was so bright that I was getting exposure times in around the 1/1000th second area, though this was again using 200 ISO and aperture priority set to the widest aperture (this automatically adjusts to maintain the widest aperture possible as I zoom in and out).

I set the Exposure Compensation to +2/3 of a stop - with the sun so bright, I was getting quite contrasty shadows.  I knew that the on-camera pop-up flash wouldn't be anywhere near strong enough to make any difference as a fill-flash, so the idea was to use Exposure Compensation to try and lighten the shadows a bit.  I haven't done any PP work on the lighting side of the picture, so I think I got it about right (more by luck than judgement).

The other two things I did were to set the auto focus to continuous mode, and set the shutter to burst mode.  These two settings allowed me to concentrate on panning up and down and zooming in and out to get a good composition, while the camera maintained the focus all the time, and I could just hold the shutter button down and fire off 4 or 5 shots in a row.  Last time, I was quite horrified to find I'd taken 70-80 shots... imagine my surprise when I found I had taken 327 this time :-o  By the time I weeded out the ones that hadn't focused, that had her feet or head or something out of shot, and all the ones where she was at the bottom of the cycle (there was some background clutter that made these less attractive), I got down to 77, but a lot of those are pretty much the same with very little to choose between them.

I ended up choosing this shot and cropped it in tight to the top half of her body (the whole shot was full length), so that we can see the expression of joy on her face.

Hope you like it :)
Till next time
Happy Snappin'


  1. Love that picture! Looks like lots of fun!

    Thanks for the tips on cutting off parts of my car. I didn't even notice! I'll keep an eye out for that from now on. Only 5 more days!

    As for all the unused erasers, I was actually at a a music store. They couldn't complain about me taking pictures because we bought something, and we're regular customers.

  2. Oh, and that picture with the Adobe icon in it was actually the newest version of Photoshop Elements. I've never gotten to try Lightroom before...