Monday, November 5, 2012

On display

I am really chuffed to announce that I now have two of my photos on permanent display at a small private gallery, in Swindon in England.  OK - perhaps I've glammed it up a bit...  by small private gallery, I mean someone's house, but they did specifically ask for two of my pictures that they 'fell in love with'.

They are my wife's brother's wife's parents, and they came out to Australia at the end of last year to visit various family.  They had seen one of my photos on facebook, as Karen had it as her homepage picture (in fact it is one of the early morning misty tree shots you can see in the 'Dabbling at dawn' post), and they asked if they could have a print of it to take home with them.  Of course, how could I turn down such a boost to my ego, so I had a 12x8 print made for them which I gave them on their last day here.

Earlier this year, we went to Tasmania for a few days, and while there, I took a shot of the moon reflecting across the bay where we were staying.  Ironically, Karen decided to use that as her facebook cover for a while, and once again, they saw it and commented about it - saying how they'd like a copy.  So, as we were travelling back to the UK for a visit in August, I had a 12x8 copy made for them as a surprise, and took it over.  We went to their house for a meal one evening, and I must say how proud I felt to see the misty tree picture hanging on their wall.  It would be great to go back and see them both up.

So, though I still haven't actually 'sold' a photo to a stranger, it's a step in the right direction (perhaps I should have left some business cards with them, and made them my UK agents?)

Happy Snappin'

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