Monday, May 3, 2010

Pole Position...

To make up for the lack of a photo from this weekend - which I know will have bitterly disappointed my readers (if I have any...), I thought I'd post this one instead.  It's a reminder that a photo opportunity may turn up at any time, and if you don't have your camera with you... it's gone.

Here, I was just waiting to cross the street, when the silver car pulled up at the stop line.  I actually was hoping to get a close-up of the wheel and the brightly coloured brake caliper, but just as I was lining up the shot (in the gaps between cars going in the opposite direction), the purple car came and obliterated half the shot.  I re-aligned the shot based on what I could still see, and came up with this composition, which I was actually quite pleased with as an impromptu 'missed chance'.  I ought to have a go at removing the pair of legs across the street, and giving the car a bit of a polish with Photoshop... (I wish I could polish MY car with Photoshop!)

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