Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ANZAC Day - Dragons v Roosters

To celebrate ANZAC Day, Sydney Football Stadium hosts a now 'traditional' match between St George Illawarra (Dragons) and Sydney Roosters.  The game is linked to the spirit of ANZAC Day, and remembrance of those lost to win our freedom.  I took my sons (and camera obviously) to the game this year in the hope of getting some pictures - as well as the hope of seeing our team win (alas it wasn't to be...)

Before the game started, the trophy was delivered in spectacular style by an Army Blackhawk helicopter landing in the middle of the stadium.

After the delivery was made, the helicopter hovered a few feet off the ground, rotated through a complete 360 degrees giving everyone in the stadium the chance to see the rather intimidating head-on view, dipped it's nose towards the dignitaries in the stand, and then shot straight up in the air at a rate that would have left my stomach behind I'm sure.

As the game started, I realised that it would be more prudent to pack the camera away, as there were some very 'enthusiastic' fans around me who were spilling more beer than they were drinking (and they drank plenty).  So no photos of the game, though I suspect that as the game was under lights rather than daylight, my lenses wouldn't have been fast enough anyway, without resorting to ISO 1600 ;-)  The next time I go to a game, I'll try and make it a daytime one.

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